Monday, 15 February 2016


Isolde showed us her work today and it was really motivating to see how we could use her working process to create some interesting drawings. It was great to gain an insight into the way my tutor works and what I could learn from this to apply to my own practice. How she worked with just one medium in such an expressive way was great because she used the media to its fullest potential varying mark and tone to create a dramatic piece of work. 

The idea behind her work focusses on the idea of process and finding shapes within the composition to create a narrative. She has made of 400 of these drawings and over the last couple of years has made them late at night. I pointed out that this actually reflected in how the work looked as it has dreamlike qualities and also with how the imagery is created it is working with the subconscious and how imagery is stored. 

She said the process of creating this work is obsessive and I relate to that with the way I make work. In her work unreal spaces emerge from a tangled surface, it is this which draws the viewer in and makes them question the narrative and use of mark. 

Today I created an A1 drawing which was daunting to begin with because I tend to work small because I like my work to have an intimate quality. However it is always good to challenge yourself and I still managed to keep my quality of line and idea of expression despite working on a larger scale. I decided to do this drawing as a line drawing to capture the essence of the subjects of I was looking at. Being inspired by Isolde's use of shape and quality of line I am thinking about making a larger series of drawings focussing on how I use the medium and minimal use of colour. 

The finished drawing and video which shows the process from start to finish//

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