Tuesday, 16 February 2016


This morning I met up with Illustration Lecturer Nick Mott. I have met some lovely people on the illustration course at Falmouth and when we've spoken about our ways of working they said that Nick would be very interested in my work. Since seeing the work of Falmouth graduate Sophie Eliza Chadwick I have been doing collage more and more. I am now pushing this into print by combining found imagery with spontaneous mark making and exploring this idea of narrative through collage.

Talking to Nick I was really influenced by his way of keeping sketchbooks and the idea that keeping them is a way to document collage. There was something very clear and organised about his way of working which has motivated me to try and organise my collage this way. On my foundation I kept artists books and it was good because the work was always in one place. However now I am more disorganised so I think keeping work like this might be a good thing for me. 

Over the last few days I have been finding old plates which I want to introduce into new work and give new meaning to. The idea of spotntaneous mark making is still very relevant in my practice however I want to experiment more with found imagery and geometric shape. 

 These were some of the outcomes from being in the print room today. They were not very successful because the spacing between the imagery and the plate is too fragmented and the image does not sit right. I was pleased at how some of the colours worked together. I just need to think about the placement of the imagery and how this reads to the viewer. I was also pushing this work in a new direction by printing on large sheets of white Fabriano paper. I did this because space is a very interesting thing to consider within work and what this can mean and add to the piece.

I dug out some old photographic plates which had been etched and are exploring the idea of fragmentation and distortion of image. Photographic etching is something I want to try and progress my collage ideas into as I think it will mean I can work on a larger scale but also push the idea of fragmentation further.

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