Wednesday, 17 February 2016


The day started out in the print room. I am trying to really experiment with the idea of space within a composition and how this can be created with dark space and shape. My morning in the print room was nor very successful as the first print I made resembled more of a ghost print. The background was not dark enough and the features of the pattern did not stand out. There was no differentiation between the subjects of the piece and the background. 

After speaking to Bianca I learnt that this has not been successful because the ink on the background had not been rolled out thickly enough onto the plate. I re-inked the plate and this time was more successful in what I wanted to achieve. However this time the collage elements were not as successful. When I do these prints again I need to take more consideration with how I am inking up each section. I also want to try and play around with composition more and print these mono-types on larger pieces of paper. 

In the afternoon I met with Millie who is a first year on the photography degree. Her work is an influence in my own practice at the moment because of how she uses colour and lighting. This collage piece was the result of a spontaneous collaboration in the Library where I worked into her image with salvaged paper.

Falmouth School of art lectures: Graham Gussin. Graham's work is beautiful in how he plays on the idea of space. His video and drawing pieces were really inspiring. How he pushes the boundaries of drawing and writing has sparked an interest and something I want to research further.

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